mrs fields autumn cookie boxNot everyone was born with the ability to whip up a perfect Thanksgiving meal. In fact, many people have trouble creating even everyday dishes in the kitchen, let alone a holiday feast meant for a dozen or so people. If you're someone who depends on others to help out when it comes to the culinary arts, there's no reason to be ashamed. Those who do love working in the kitchen enjoy feeding their family and friends and often look forward to the event.

However, it's not uncommon to want to contribute something to the festivities, even if you have no idea what goes into a pumpkin pie or how to carve a turkey. Instead of buying all of the ingredients and agonizing over a recipe that you're not sure you can pull off in time for the big meal, you might want to buy a few ready-made Thanksgiving food gifts. That doesn't mean heading to your local supermarket to pick up a lackluster pie or a platter of average cookies - you want something special that will impress everyone there and have them asking where on earth you picked it up.

Chocolate dipped strawberries are always a welcome addition to any dessert table, and luckily you can find all kinds of varieties online. With Thanksgiving-themed colors, your chocolate gifts will fit right in next to the pecan pie. Other chocolate dipped fruits are also available, including cherries, which everyone is likely to enjoy.

Cookie bouquets are another option, and they make for a fun new twist on a gift for your hostess. Instead of watching while a typical arrangement of flowers wilts, she'll be able to indulge in delicious sweets that she can share with her guests.

You can get a little more creative by having a few mini cheesecakes or even brownies delivered! That way, you won't have to worry about bringing them yourself, which is often a difficult and messy task. If you're traveling a considerable distance to attend Thanksgiving dinner, the last thing you want is to worry about your dish spilling or melting all over your car. Delivered gifts will be a fun surprise that won't need to be set up or dished out, which is totally convenient since everyone will likely be busy prepping the food.

If you want to make a contribution this Thanksgiving but don't have the time or culinary skills to create an impressive dessert, there are plenty of tasteful, gourmet options that will fit in perfectly with the festive menu.