My name is Kathleen Shelton and this is my first blog and I’m so excited! I am most definitely a Foodie and am lucky enough to actually make my living as a gift buyer for Cherry Moon Farms and Shari’s Berries. I design many of the gift baskets you see on the sites as well other little delectable treats here and there. I hope you enjoy this blog post- I’m looking forward to sharing my passion for food and gifting with you!

As a buyer for Cherry Moon Farms I spend my wsorkday surrounded by delicious sweets and great gifts. I have to say, it's a pretty good gig! But even though my office looks like a candy shop, I can still stress out. Fortunately, I buy our spa products which means I get to test our spa products. Yes, that is part of my job.

Spa gifts are always popular for Mother's Day, so as I was building the Spa collection for this Mother's Day I tried one heck of a lot of lotions and potions. One of the themes I was trying to fulfill was "A Gift of Relaxation". This was inspired by my many women friends who spend their days taking care of everything and everyone and rarely slow down long enough to take a deep breath, let alone treat themselves to half an hour of decadance.

Lavender Neck Warming Relaxation Spa GiftI'm really excited to be introducing three gifts on this theme- the Luxurious Lavender Neck Warming Relaxation Spa Gift, The Luxurious Lavender Foot Warming Spa Gift and the Luxurious Lavender Beautiful Bath Spa Gift.

I'd be tickeled to recieve any of them, but I have to say the Luxurious Lavender Neck Warming Relaxation Spa Gift is my favorite. The neck wrap is made of cotton fleece and has an insert that is filled with lavender and rice. You pop the insert into the microwave and then back into the wrap and then just lay it around your neck. The heat goes right into that spot in your shoulder that get's tight from sitting at a desk all day. The lavender scent is subtle enough that you can leave the wrap on for a long time with out the scent becoming "too much". And it's real lavender, so it doesn't have any of that artificial or chemical smell you sometimes get in scented products. I've found that I like using it right before bed- it's calming and soothing and since it's not plugged into anything, you don't have to worry if you fall asleep with it on. Which trust me, can happen. The gift also comes with a lavender scented soy candle- perfect for scenting the bathroom while you soak in a hot tub.

Like I said, the Neck Warming set is my personal favorite, but if you are looking for something for a woman who spends lots of time on her feet, the Foot Warming gift is a little bit of heaven. You heat the booties up the same way you do the neck wrap, but instead of the candle you get a bottle of lavendar lotion. Massage the lotion into your feet and slip them into the booties- the heat feels amazing and the heat combined with the lotion does wonders for your skin. There are even plastic bags that you can put on before the booties so that you don't get the booties dirty.

I hope my suggestions have done more than bring to mind someone in your life who would enjoy a gift like one of these. I hope it has made you realize that you, too, probably deserve a little decadence in your life.