Free shipping may seem like one of the best deals out there, but unless you live in some sheltered area of the country, looking for some special deals may be the better option. If you're searching for a gift basket to help celebrate loved one's anniversary, birthday or other special occasion, you can rest assured that there are plenty of huge discounts to be found at Cherry Moon Farms. We also feature a wide range of spectacular deals that could lead to more savings than footing the bill for shipping costs.

Summer Fruit Basket

Whether you're shopping for a deluxe fruit basket, a selection of tasty sweets, wine gifts or spa accoutrements, Cherry Moon Farms is constantly updating its inventory and offering new discounts to its valued customers. In fact, those who sign for Cherry Moon Farm's e-mail list can find out about special discounts and deals only available to subscribers.


The savings don't end there. In fact, every week, many of Cherry Moon Farms' most popular gifts are given an added boost to help consumers celebrate their loved one's next big milestone in style. For example, a wide range of spa gifts often include an extra bottle of lotion or soap and some purchases allow gift-givers to enjoy a free cookie. Offerings such as $10 off of orders more than $100 are also plentiful, and the incentive of free gift box with some purchases are available to shoppers as well.


Cherry Moon Farms also offers a 20 percent off coupon code on much of its inventory, which could prove to be an even better deal than buying a gift basket with free shipping. For instance, if you purchased two $50 gift baskets and sent them together, the discount would more than cover a standard ground shipping cost and help to put some extra money in your pocket.


With the countless deals that Cherry Moon Farms rolls out each week, consumers can find plenty of quality products to celebrate a significant event in their loved one's lives and find something that fits within their budgets. In other words, there's no better time than the present to start searching for a gift basket for that special someone in your life.