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Our freshest quality story, freshly accomplished

Yumm! Chomping into a fresh, succulent piece of fruit is both revitalizing and refreshing. Nothing can match the rich color, the savory aroma, the sound of that first crunch, and then, ... the juicy taste of truly fresh fruit.

Cherries There's a "but" factor: It always has been difficult (and expensive) to get year-round access to fruit and fruit baskets of exceptional quality, especially if you require it for a specific date or occasion.

Not anymore! We not only have wiped out that word difficult but also have taken a hearty swipe at the word expensive. Cherry Moon Farms is revolutionizing the fruit industry by making farm-fresh fruit and gift baskets accessible and affordable year-round. It's no accident, because our sister company ProFlowers is famous for accomplishing that same miracle in the flower industry.

Founded on the same guiding principles and aspirations as ProFlowers, Cherry Moon Farms delivers the highest quality, freshest fruit and gift baskets directly to you at a great value. The tradition stays bright and firm.

At Cherry Moon Farms, we not only promise an exceptional customer experience and superb value, we guarantee it:


  • Our Fresh Pack Guarantee promises it never will be more than two days from the time we pack your fruit until the moment it's delivered to your doorstep.
  • Tell us the specific date you want your order delivered. It will be there. Period. No more missing those special dates and occasions, having to guess if your gift will arrive when it's supposed to arrive.
  • You'll select from one of the world's most comprehensive offerings of organic fruit from organic farms. Or if you prefer, you can select from a huge variety of conventional fruit baskets, fruit samplers, gift baskets, or other fruit gifts.
  • What do you like? What do your friends, family, and associates like? The only difficulty is choosing from these riches: delicious apples, oranges, apples, plums, peaches, nectarines, bananas, kiwis, cherries, strawberries, our famous Monthly Fruit Club to name a few.
  • Better yet, these fresh fruit selections are typically available year-round. How is that possible? Because we work with growers around the world to make sure our fruit is always fresh and in season.
  • Since we work directly with fruit growers, we're able to achieve cost savings which we pass on directly to you. Check out our prices ... and smile.
Organic Sampler Why not start the happiness today? Send a Cherry Moon Farms special fruit gift or fruit basket to celebrate some lucky friend's birthday, thank an associate for a job well done, or just let someone know you care...
Or, aaah! Just reward yourself with the freshest, tastiest fruit you've ever had on your table.

Smell the aroma of the best pears, hear the crunch of the best apples, taste the juices of the best orange. Enjoy the Freshest Quality at Cherry Moon Farms!

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